Inverter changes

Your system failing due to an inverter error should not be taken lightly. This not only disrupts your system from harvesting the sun’s energy, but can effect the return your system gives you.

Beyond Solar offer a wide variety of solutions to fix your problem:

– Assist in warranty claims if the manufacturer is still around. We can submit the claim for you, track it’s progress and replace it for you. We have all inclusive and economically priced packages that can assist you. We understand that getting your system up and running is important and want to assist you in doing so cost effectively.

– Invert replacement. If your inverter manufacturer has sent you out a replacement and you require a qualified solar installer to change it over for you, test the system and ensure everything is back up and running, Beyond Solar are the right people to contact. Best of all it only costs $199 inc GST.

– New Inverters. If your existing Inverter is no longer covered under the manufacturers warranty, or the manufacturer no longer exists, we offer a huge range of inverters that we can easily install to ensure your system is online in no time from as little as $399 fully installed and inc GST.

HINT: Before you call an expert, it is always good to reset your system first. There should be a ‘shut-down’ procedure label on your existing inverter. Follow the instructions to assist you in doing this!

System inspection

Basic inspections are the bare minimal requirement set by the clean energy council. This inspection is part of a routine check performed annually. If you speculate or have noticed anything un-usual and want to make sure its OK then you can contact us to assist you. This check covers the following;

  • Check panels
  • Check panel structure/mounts
  • Check cabling – mechanical
  • Check cabling – electrical – in roof – under house
  • Check inverter – functions
  • Check inverter – insects
  • Check inverter – connections
  • Check voltage
  • Check current

Basic system inspections report cost $249 inc GST.

Fault finding and defect notices

Sometimes, a system might have several errors with it. Some of which have been formerly identified by your network provider. This leads to a formal notice being issued to you, ordering it to be rectified. Rectifying this as soon as you can is paramount to avoid further action by the network. Informal defects mean that you have noticed something peculiar or obviously incorrect in your system, by arranging an inspection we can assist you in determining what the issue is and who is responsible.

We offer support in writing to verify our findings with images.

Q. I cannot get in touch with the people or tradesman who installed my system, what should i do?

A. Any fully qualified solar installer can assist you with this. All of us here at Beyond Solar are qualified to carry out the required work and issue out formal documentation to your network provider to clear any issues they have.

System upgrades

Did you know, you are still eligible for government incentives even if you want to upgrade your system?

February 2013 changes to the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme now make it viable to upgrade exisiting solar panel systems.

To quote the NSW Department of Trade & Investment, “customers who receive the 60 cents per kilowatt hour tariff may expand their overall generating capacity and retain the 60 cents tariff for their Scheme generator if the additional capacity is from a separately metered non-Scheme generator.”

In plain English, this means that all you 60c feed in tariff (FIT) customers currently in the Scheme can increase your overall generating capacity, keeping the 60c FIT on your existing system, when you add a new non-Scheme system and meter.
In essence you will end up with 2 systems:

  1. Your current system will operate as before and you will benefit from the current FIT for all the electricity it generates (a ‘gross’ system);
  2. Your new system will benefit you by generating even more electricity to offset the electricity your home uses (a ‘net’ system).

We can assist you with managing the application to do so from beginning to end. Call us now to ensure you get the best advice from the beginning!


System maintenance


Feature Advantage Benefit
Panel are kept clean More sunlight strikes panels Improve your return on investment by increasing power production yield
Preventative maintenance Identify emerging problems like shading, scaling and leaf build up.  Identify hot spots and other potentially hazardous faults Reduce the cost/performance impact of problems by identifying and fixing them earlier
Reduce the risk of fires and increase the safety within your home, business or organisation.
Scheduled service We remember for you Peace of mind that panels are performing optimally ensuring you get what you paid for.
We do it for you Convenience service with a better resultReduce the risk of slips, falls and electric shock Spend more time doing the things you enjoy
Trained and insured service staff comply with OH&S laws Safer servicing with reduced financial and legal risk Superior cleaning than possible with ordinary tap water
Meets manufacturer warranty requirements Serviced equipment will reduce the risk of breaching warranty conditions A green service for a green product that doesn’t harm wildlife or foul water tanks

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