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To help change the world around you, you might just need to go back to basics and reinvent the wheel.  At beyondsolar we are after the visionary legends that might just reinvent the new wheel even if it is just one solar panel at a time.

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The job needs real strength, passion, perseverance and the will to do the undoable. You need to venture out with your team into the dark and the unknown. You need to be a legend.  Can you be a legend and save the world.


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You love sales, eat leads for breakfast and care about the environment.  These are the qualities needed at beyondsolar.


Numbers don’t scare you,  you make play out of complications and you finish your paperwork before you get it. These are the qualities needed at beyondsolar.


Solar panels are your bread and butter,  the morning dew jumpstarts you and heights don’t bother you.  These are the qualities needed at beyondsolar.