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Our Combined Installed Solar Systems will produce more than 150GWh over their lifetime.

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Why BeyondSolar?

Sydney’s Best Solar Power Systems

Not so sure about solar panels? Don’t understand how they can save you money?
Solar energy is the way forward, allowing owners of commercial or residential properties to source their energy in a way that is environmentally safe and sustainable. Solar power systems are a way of powering your home with the sun’s rays, not to mention a great solution for saving you money in the future.
BeyondSolar embodies a team of solar panel installers who have a vast amount of industry knowledge behind them. With a passion for providing Australians with the most advanced way to obtain energy, as well as a serious dedication to providing premium solar power systems in the businesses and homes of our clients, we are the solar system installers Sydney has been waiting for.

The Benefits of Solar Installation in Sydney Homes

Reaping the benefits of solar panels is so easy, especially when they are installed by professionals. Our team of experienced specialists know the best positions on your rooftop to ensure the panels reach their full potential, allowing you to feel the full capabilities of solar power.

Some of the key advantages of solar installation are:
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced impact on the world’s environment
• A reliable energy source for the future

BeyondSolar is different to other solar companies in that it was founded by highly experienced clean energy council-accredited solar panel installers. Investing in first-class solar panels
isn’t just for the now, but for the future. BeyondSolar provides some of the best solar power options in Sydney at competitive prices. To find out more about what it costs, or about the areas around Sydney we service (including Castle Hill and Campbelltown), enquire today.

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Our service coverage is the best in the industry, with 10 Year installation Warranty as standard.


We only Associate with The Best

At BeyondSolar, achieving our shared vision of a healthy environment for all future generations to enjoy starts with selecting the right Suppliers and Partners for all our services and projects.  By choosing Beyond Solar you can rest easy that all our products are of premium grade only, and attain to our vision of creating a sustainable environment.

We stand by our installation long after we’ve put the solar panels up on your roof. That is the Beyond Solar Advantage.